Plug into a Community Group today! Here at Living Water we believe that we grow in smaller community, we celebrate together in the larger community, and we benefit the greater community.


Monday Morning: For our Dads or Moms with little ones Breanne will be hosting a time of fellowship, playing and growing together. Breanne is flexible with her time, so she's looking to see what time works best for most. Please contact us, or if you are connected with Breanne contact her to share your availability. Starting Oct. 25th

Monday evening: Greg and Melissa are opening up their home from 7:30-9pm. They will be watching Andy Stanley's "How to be Rich" video series with a focus on comparing treasure in heaven vs treasure on earth! Starting Oct. 4th


Tuesday evening: Craig and Linda are opening their home from 7-9pm. They will be leading a study by Joe Amaral looking at the teachings of Jesus from a first century perspective. Starting Oct. 26th


Wednesday evening Sharon: Kim and Margaret are meeting in the church hall from 6:30-8pm. They are leading a Beth Moore study called Jesus: The One and Only (primarily a study on the book of Luke). There is an optional study guide for purchase ($25.00) with this study so please RSVP if you would like a study guide!  This study is 11 weeks.  Starting Oct 6th


Thursday evenings: James and Tanja are opening their home from 6:30-8:30pm. They will be leading a study entitled "Experiencing the Power of the Fruit of the Spirit" by Graham Cooke. This will include study and activation as we put into practice the very things we are learning. Starting Oct. 7th


Saturday Evenings: from 7-8:30 Richard and Cathy are opening up their home. With a passion for every generation to learn and grow together this group is open to all age groups! The focus will be teachings on praise, prayer and the power of testimony. Starting Oct 23rd

Each of these groups will run from 6-8 weeks. Again we are so excited for what God is doing, and we truly believe connecting in a smaller community is what God is doing in the season. Please consider jumping in and committing to a home group!

Contact us to sign up

Or call us 604-485-6116