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Here at Living Water we want all people to BELONG, BELIEVE, and BECOME. To belong, you just have to show up! There is a place for anybody and everybody here at Living Water. Come discover who God made you to be, meet with others on the same journey, and discover who God is by worshiping Him through music and hearing His word. Everyone is welcome! To believe, you just have to have an open heart! Here at Living Water we strive to learn more, to have our faith challenged, and to grow; this happens through strong preaching, personal relationships, and using our spiritual gifts to strengthen and encourage each other. To become, you need to choose to be invested in the life of the church family. The Living Water church experience is not limited to observation or involvement in different programs, but to more! This MORE is discovered week by week as we share life together, grow in the gifts of the Spirit, and challenge, encourage and pray for each other. 

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