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We at Living Water Foursquare Church believe that the Bible is the foundation of our beliefs. We build our knowledge of God's character and how we view ourselves from the truth of Scripture, not our experiences. To help you build a consistent pattern of Bible reading and studying we have put a few resources together to help!


Ever feel like Bible reading is more about checking a box than really learning and getting something out of it?  To get the most out of our Bible reading, it helps to have with a plan. There are many different plans that help us get the most out of Scripture, and most involve some journaling.  Here's a method that Pastor Sam uses for his personal devotions and is also how he builds his sermons.


REAP: Read, Examine, Apply, Pray



It starts with reading; and, before you read, pray.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach, correct and train you! (2 Tim 3:16)  

Ask some questions:

  • What’s happening in this passage?

  • What’s being emphasized in this passage?

  • What stands out in the passage?



Engage by asking some questions and writing down some of your thoughts. Some questions to ask are:

  • How does the author want us to respond?

  • What does this tell us about the character of God?

  • Are any of my views about God or myself wrong?



After examining the passage, see how the passage can personally and practically apply to us today:

  • How do I need to respond?

  • What truths can I apply and believe?

  • How can I properly apply these truths and turn it into action?



Pray through the passage and application.  Ask the Holy Spirit to make these principles real and tangible in your life.

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